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Founded in 1922 by Max and Clara Fortunoff in Brooklyn, New York, Fortunoff has developed a widely recognized and trusted brand noted for quality, selection, service and value. With a truly unique offering combining jewelry and home furnishings, outdoor furniture, bed and bath, tabletop and gifts, Fortunoff reached sales of close to $500 million and established a strong position in some of the most competitive retail markets in the U.S.

Jewelry was always a company specialty – the company was one of only 30 retailers in the country to record over $100 million in annual jewelry sales, achieving this impressive ranking with only five stores while many of its competitors had hundreds.

Now back in the hands of the founding Fortunoff family, Fortunoff Fine Jewelry is re-emerging as a stand-alone specialty retail concept. After the launch of the new e-commerce site in 2010, the company has opened its first Fortunoff Fine Jewelry boutique in Westbury, New York, in September 2014.

Chief merchant Esther Fortunoff has served on the Board of Directors of Jewelers of America (JA), the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and the American Gemstone Trade Association laboratory. She currently participates in the Ethical Initiatives Committee, a subcommittee of the JA. She has received numerous awards, including the Retailer Hall of Fame Award from National Jeweler magazine and Retailer of the Year Award from the Women’s Jewelry Association.

For more information about Fortunoff, visit the website for Fortunoff Brands, LLC.

2 Replies to About Fortunoff

  1. Ivonne Vega Ortiz says:

    I loved working at Fortunoff Store in Wayne, NJ Did it for 4 years every Christmas season. Last year was so sad to pass by and see the store closed. This year Im happy to see some backyard stores carrying Christmas items, but will love to see a bigger store in Wayne so I can work seasonal again.

    Wish you the best cause you are the best.
    Thank you

  2. Sharon T. says:

    I grew up in Wayne,N.J. and Fortunoff became a way of life- when a gift was needed thats where we went, or just went there to wander around the store and always came out with something! It’s where I’ve purchased most of my watch and jewelry collections! all which are still my favorite treasures today! Same with my Waterford and china.
    I pass the store location weekly and it is sad to see it empty! Some wonderful memories were made because of Fortunoff including My Mom and I on Santas knee for a picture!
    It would be wonderful to see you re-open as you were before!

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