Holiday Traditions

One of my favorite holiday traditions is passing down cherished pieces of jewelry from generation to generation.

holiday traditionsMy grandmother Clara, the matriarch and Co-Founder of the Fortunoff business, loved to wear jewelry sets, including coral strands with matching earrings, and heavy gold bangles with coordinating pins. When I was young, she gifted these pieces to my mother, and a few of them to me. Now, I’ve passed them on to my daughter, who never got the chance to meet her feisty, charming great-grandmother. When my daughter—Clara’s namesake—wears Clara’s timeless jewels, she can appreciate the special bond that the women in our family share.

holiday traditionsAt our Westbury boutique, we have many simple and elegant items that we hope your family can pass down through the years, too. Iconic styles, like diamond tennis bracelets, gold hoops, silver pendants, and pearl necklaces are perfect pieces to start your family’s jewelry tradition.

religious jewelryTo honor your unique heritage and special traditions this holiday season, we have pieces for all budgets that feature crosses, stars of david, hamsa hands, photo lockets, as well as birthstones.

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