From Gem to Jewel – Part 1

We just returned from Las Vegas, the largest jewelry trade show of the year. After walking miles and visiting countless jewelry designers, manufacturers, and gem dealers, our heads are full of new ideas!

Over the past months, I had been accumulating a little “treasure trove” of gemstones, taking my time, thinking about how I might like to set each one. I knew that eventually each one would tell me what it wanted to be! A few suites, like this one, lent themselves to hand-crafted drop earrings – including these. But still I had not found just the right style for many others.


Visiting the Design Center, when I met husband-and-wife team Catherine and Michael of Michael Jensen Designs, it was clear that I finally had found the right homes for these gems. I had first “met” Catherine in a telephone call a few months before. She and Michael have combined their individual talents – she as a Graduate Gemologist with a passion for art, history and archeology, he as a sculptor and metal-smith – to create a jewelry line where each piece is truly a wearable work of art.

I sent them my gemstones, to allow them to think about how they might set each one. Here are some pictures of just a few pieces they’ve made in the past – to give you a taste of what you will see when MY project is done!


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