“Straight from the Heart” by Go Love

Occasionally our friends agree to share their experiences and inspiration with the
Fortunoff audience. We are delighted to share this from Beth Golove…

'Love of Self' Heart Earrings, Sterling Silver

‘Love of Self’ Heart Earrings, Sterling Silver – $75

Guest Post by Beth GoLove

Some designers take their inspiration from nature, or from pretty objects in their environment. Mine came from a much more difficult experience, one which changed my life, but also gave rise to hope, and to this amazing new journey, “Straight From the Heart.”

Back in the late 1990’s, my mother and I lived about 10 minutes away from each other. We were so close, spending almost every day together. I was pregnant with my first child, and we passed many a day dreaming together about all the wonderful future that lay ahead. It was such a joyous time, and we imagined we would have many years together.

Heart Charm Necklace, Sterling Silver

Heart Charm Necklace, Sterling Silver – $175

Suddenly, when my son was just three months old, my Mom passed away. All of our hopes and dreams were shattered, and so was my heart. I did not have the chance to say goodbye, or to tell her one last time how much she had meant to me. With her passing, I began to spend much more time with my mother’s mom, “Nanny.” Her love and the time we spent together helped to bolster my spirits. Sadly, within just a few years, I lost my Nanny as well. I was devastated. My life seemed to be spiraling downward, and I became severely depressed. I could not even rally to take care of my family, which by this time included my two children. Life seemed hopeless. I felt like an empty shell.

'Straight From The Heart' Toggle Bracelet, Sterling Silver

‘Straight From The Heart’ Toggle Bracelet, Sterling Silver – $99

Miraculously, six years after she left us, my mother came to me in a dream, and rescued me. Mom decided she was going to set me straight! All my senses came alive in this dream. After so long living a black-and-white, one-dimensional existence, I could suddenly see things in all their vibrant colors, and three dimensions. In the midst of this vivid dream, my Mom stood in front of me, took my hand, and said, “Beth, you’d better live your life. Even though I am not there to hug you, I still love you.” I woke up crying, yet completely comforted and alive again.

Mom had sent me a very strong message to live life to the fullest. I knew I was not really alone. I realized I had to help others who were similarly in need of comfort, to remind them that there is always hope with love.

Turtle Pair Pendant, Sterling Silver

Turtle Pair Pendant, Sterling Silver – $65

This became the core meaning behind my collection, “Straight From the Heart.” Love of oneself, of others, of the world around us, and love of the spirit, are all part of my story. I hope you will find my story resonates with you, too.

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