Fortunoff Family Jewels

Recently, we asked a few friends to share their memories of Fortunoff with us. We set up a video camera in our new store and encouraged our guests to share a story. We told them to talk about anything they wanted … a special piece of jewelry, a shopping trip with loved ones, an employee experience, or a personal reflection.

Throughout the evening, busy holiday shoppers stepped behind the curtain and told tales that were funny, nostalgic and heartwarming.

It was a special night for me since so many of our customers’ Fortunoff memories are also mine. I grew up in my family’s business. Along with three generations of family members and long-tenured employees and associates, we worked hard to open many stores.

Ever since I launched, people stop me at events and excitedly tell me a “Fortunoff story” of their own. I love to listen. In fact, those stories were a big part of my decision to open the Fortunoff Fine Jewelry boutique in Westbury. I realized the one thing I could not get from our online store is that face-to-face connection with our loyal customers. In many ways, my new store was built from your stories.

Hearing what Fortunoff has meant to other families, has made this a special holiday season and I wanted to share a few of those stories with you.

We’ve created a series of videos that we’re calling “Fortunoff Family Jewels”. Over the next few months, we’ll post a few here, on our You Tube channel and on our Facebook page.

See the first story from our friends Hilary and Steve below.

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as we do. Remember our store was built for you. Please come in, ask for me, and share a story of your own. I’d love to hear it.

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