Now in store: Designs by Nina Nguyen

NINA NGUYEN Jewery Designer

Nina Nguyen

Great things are in store… like inspired designs by Nina Nguyen.  I’m so thrilled to be offering a collection of her unique creations, available only in our new Westbury store. Customer have been attracted to the bold styling and interesting juxtaposition of materials.

Nina’s world travels have influenced her creativity and her life experiences inspire her. As a young girl growing up in war-torn Vietnam, Nina loved to help her uncle, a goldsmith, in his jewelry casting foundry working with locally-panned gold.

Nina Nguyen Designs strives to empower women not only with fashionable, one-of-a-kind pieces, but also by fostering career opportunities for women in the US and through her women’s cooperative in Vietnam.

We are excited to feature an in-store only Nina Nguyen collection.

Nina Nguyen - pendant

Ring by Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen - necklace

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