A Grand Time Was Had By All

Our Grand Opening celebrations continued through the weekend and it was wonderful to meet and share stories with many customers.  Some of my favorites were the stories about my grandfather Max and his going out of his way to help a customer, even into his 80s.  Also heard some humorous stories about my grandmother Clara from when she was running the Pots And Pans department in Westbury.

Giancarlo Impiglia

Esther Fortunoff and Giancarlo Impiglia

One special visitor was Giancarlo Impiglia and his wife Nina Frand.  He is the artist who was commissioned in 1979 to create the large mural that hung in the mezzanine of our 5th Avenue store.  He took his inspiration from the building, which had been built in 1922 by the architectural firm McKim, Mead & White (Stanford White became very well known and the story Ragtime is loosely based on his life). Giancarlo spoke about his inspiration for many of the images in the mural and had time for an interview that we will post here soon.

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