What To Wear With Black & White

Triple Black Spinel Necklace, Sterling with 18K Rose Gold PlateThings have been bustling lately as new pieces arrive almost daily. What better time to tell you about a few of my particular favorites!

While I love the drama of black-and-white for the timeless elegance it brings to fashion, there’s something extra-special about black-on-black. Sound boring? Quite the opposite is true, because black-on-black is all about shades and texture. Our new Triple Black Spinel Necklace is a wonderful example of beautiful, rich blacks. Three rows of natural black spinels glitter on chains of sterling silver and rose gold plate.

moonstone-setBlack and gray – faceted gray moonstone, actually – are the stars of another favorite new grouping. Neutral grays in the moonstone – so named because ancient Romans believed it comes from solidified rays of the moon – complements a variety of looks. Black and white diamonds accent the cool gray of the moonstone. I love all three pieces in this collection … a lovely pendant necklace, stunning ring and pierced earrings. They do indeed seem to reflect light beautifully.

Speaking of light, few pieces affect light the way our new Diamond, Ruby and Quartz Doublet Ring and Pendant do. Black and white diamonds and rich, red rubies are set in a cushion of sparkling rock crystal quartz. Facets in the crystal results in light that dances whenever you move.

Diamond, Ruby, and Quartz Doublet Ring, 14K White GoldDiamond, Ruby, and Quartz Doublet Pendant, 14K White Gold

These are just a few of the pieces that have arrived recently… come explore All New Arrivals for wonderful jewelry at prices that make sense. You’re sure to find something you love!

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