Embracing Downton Abbey Style

It’s been a month since the end of Downton Abbey Season 4, but I still think about tuning in to my local PBS station every Sunday evening. Alas … season 5 is months away.

Downton AbbeyI appreciate Downton Abbey for many reasons. The women are strong characters and role models, and I like that. Indeed, the time period of the series was a time of great growth for women … I think they had to be strong to survive all the turmoil and changes that were happening around them.

I love all the storylines and how they interconnect.

I am enthralled by Highclere Castle (who isn’t!) and would love to tour it someday.
And then there’s that glorious sense of style and fashion that sets the tone for the series. Those hairstyles … those fabulous dresses … and oh, the jewelry! Not surprisingly, I gravitated to it from the very first episode.

Downton AbbeyElegant drop earrings … long necklaces that can be worn loose, doubled, or knotted … charming pendants … sparking rings … the elegance of the show’s vintage look is simply wonderful.

Inspired by Downton Abbey, I’ve select over 50 pieces that reflect the timeless style of that era. I hope you’ll come explore our new Downton Abbey Looks collection. As always, gift wrapping and shipping are free.

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