Rare and Desirable Ruby

Once upon a time, the streets of Burma glistened with discarded rubies. Referred to by locals as “angel’s cuts,” these smaller stones were considered insignificant. Today, the streets have been picked clean. Ruby is far too rare and far too desirable to toss aside. Larger rubies have become quite scarce, as collectors snap them up. In the gem world today, few precious stones are hotter than genuine ruby. And Fortunoff’s selection of ruby jewelry (all genuine, of course) is worth collecting. Ruby, the red variety of corundum (gem cousin of sapphire), is also the birthstone for July – yet another reason they are so coveted.

Weighing just over half a carat, this ruby ring has an aspirational look with an accessible price. Its diamonds give a cool-as-ice accent, the perfect complement to ruby’s heat:

Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

Oval Ruby and Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold, $795-$820

Oversized hoop earrings in 14K white gold and ruby with a super slender silhouette are certain to turn heads. The generous diameter and thin profile deliver a big look without overpowering:

Ruby Hoop Earring, 14K White Gold

Ruby Hoop Earring, 14K White Gold, $850

There’s a lot of buzz around nature-inspired jewelry. This sweet little bee promises to liven up any collar, scarf, or lapel. Did you know that the bee is a symbol of love? Maybe that explains why we love this little ruby bee so much:

Ruby Bee Pin, 14K Yellow Gold

Ruby Bee Pin, 14K Yellow Gold, $695

If you are looking for the perfect birthstone ring, we have the answer for July. July is the seventh month of the year and this gorgeous ring has seven oval rubies set in a row accented with diamonds.

Oval Rubies Band with Diamonds, 18K White Gold

Oval Rubies Band with Diamonds, 18K White Gold, $2,000

In all its shades, from hot pink to dark red, we love our rubies and you will too! Interest in these dazzling red beauties has skyrocketed, but at Fortunoff, we keep our pledge to offer prices that make sense. Browse our selection of ruby jewelry to surprise that special someone born in July, or treat yourself to something unforgettable. Roses may fade but the rare beauty of ruby endures.

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