Back from the Desert, Treasures in Hand

The Joys of Color: Traveling to the largest gemstone show on Earth, to find gems that speak to my soul.

Those of you who have followed my blog – or shopped in our stores or online – are familiar with my personal passion for gemstones. I’ve always loved diamonds, of course, but there is something rich and soulful about a beautiful colored gem that lifts my spirits and brings a smile to my face.

Last week I traveled to Tucson – world-famous as the location for perhaps the largest – and definitely the most fun – gem shows. The whole city comes alive, as thousands of sellers and buyers from all over the globe go there for two weeks of wild and crazy gem-fest, with exhibitors set up in the convention center, tents, hotels and along the highways! With everything from million-dollar emeralds to Chakra bowls to Moroccan fossils to gigantic amethyst geodes you can walk through, there is something for everyone in the middle of the desert.

From my very first hour at the shows, the colors exploded before my eyes! I saw amazing collections at booth after booth. There were luscious sapphires in all the shades of the rainbow: vivid purples, blues, yellows, and greens, including some extremely rare non-heated gems, and star sapphires finer than I have seen in quite some time. Faceted and cabochon gems, such as tsavorite garnets, moonstones, opals, rubies, tourmalines, and more, all were laid out as far as the eye could see, each beckoning for attention, deserving it.

Round Fire Opal Stud Earring, 14K Yellow Gold

Round Fire Opal Stud Earring, 14K Yellow Gold, $225

Pink Sapphire Pendant with Diamond Frame, 14K White Gold

Pink Sapphire Pendant with Diamond Frame, 14K White Gold, $1,995

I felt I had to heed my inner muse. I bought a shamefully large group of these stunners, both loose and in finely crafted jewelry. Each is one-of-a-kind, and I was able to purchase them at incredibly low prices, so I can offer them to YOU, our customers, at once-in-a-lifetime values.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Hand Engraved, Vintage Reproduction, Platinum

Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Hand Engraved, Vintage Reproduction, Platinum, $6,500

I visited a supplier and friend who specializes in the newest, most amazing pearls from China, Japan, the South Seas and beyond. We’ll be offering more of these wonderful pink pearls this Spring.

No matter what your favorite color or gem is, Fortunoff is the place you’ll find it, in its most fabulous glory – and always at the best price!

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