Women’s History Month

Since this is Women’s History Month, it’s time to celebrate the achievements of women. Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Designer Day event at the MJSA show. It was inspiring to see the dedication to the craft and business of jewelry. Fortunoff has always tried to find new talent. We always tried to support women designers when possible.

Kudos to Susan Michel! Her business now has a second generation, as her daughter has joined her as a business associate. A trailblazer in the field of law as well as jewelry design, Susan Michel is an inspiration, as is her “Rock Star Heart” necklace.

Rock Star Heart Necklace by Susan Michel

And talk about creativity! Look no further than the collection of Cynthia Gale. An artist who expresses cultural diversity, a love of nature, and spirituality through her jewelry, GeoArt by Cynthia Gale is a collection I am proud to carry.

Prayer Capsule, Inspired by Washington National Cathedral, GeoArt by Cynthia Gale

Natasha Wozniak is a Brooklyn artist with true dedication: creating jewelry by hand in her own studio. We are proud to offer her bold and feminine designs.

Handmade Gold Plate and Silver Cuff by Natasha Wozniak

Is there a woman that inspires you? We want to hear about her. Commemorate a woman who has made a difference in your life during Women’s History Month.

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