Trend Report by Esther Fortunoff

Hello Jewelry Lovers,

Just back from several jewelry shows, where I’ve been selecting jewelry that I hope you’ll love as much as I do.

As you know, it’s been a roller coaster ride with gold prices this season!  Gold has about doubled these last few years.  You can’t pick up a newspaper without seeing an ad for a “Gold Buying Event!”  Big yellow signs advertising “Cash for Gold” or “Sell Your Gold Here” are at every corner, it seems.  Presumably by now most everyone has emptied their jewelry boxes.  You’ve sold the old, out-of-date earrings your great-aunt gave you and that giant pinky ring your grandfather wore.  And you’ve unloaded all of those broken chains, half pairs of earrings, and initial necklaces that were crowding the drawer, going back to when you were twenty years old.

So now, what to buy with the dough?  Now it’s cool to layer.  The new chains and necklaces in all different lengths are a bit lighter, without sacrificing the look.

Layering and stacking go with the season’s fashions, and also allow you to mix with pieces you already own.

Some of this season’s gold jewelry collections are being fashioned in a lighter weight that won’t cost you a month’s rent.  I’ve found new Italian and designer styles that are right for the times, and priced right, too.  Our Italian designers have taken their tradition of fine, beautifully made jewelry, interpreted through innovative techniques, and created pieces  that will update and uplift your wardrobe without emptying your wallet.

Those old clunky charm bracelets are way too heavy and costly.  New, stackable bracelets are lighter, too, and come in many different finishes and styles.

So that’s my hint today: buy gold that’s textured, matte finished, perhaps with a diamond accent.  Since we can’t predict future prices, it’s probably best to seize the moment now!

Each entry in my blog will try to give you useful, practical, down-to-earth ideas to help you maximize your jewelry wardrobe without maxing out your budget.  I’ll also give you background on some of my personal favorite pieces.  Stay tuned, and keep in touch!

Love, Esther

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