Valentine’s Day
Time to Get Sexy with Jewelry

Is she hoping for something more than a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Take the time to choose something she’ll love – this is one of those times when the right choice will make you her hero, but the wrong choice could earn you a night on the couch! A beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect way to tell her how much she means to you, even if you’re more the strong, silent type.  Here are a few ideas that will do the talking for you, and kick your romance up a notch.

Dazzling Oval Drop Diamond Earring

Oval Drop Diamond Earring

Think of these favorite parts of your valentine’s body: Ears, Neck, Wrists, Ankles, Fingers Now think about how you could decorate one or more of those lovely body parts with an exquisite piece of jewelry—and watch the magic happen.

Ears—Diamond dangle earrings are a perfect combination of sexy and flirty. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find something that will make her feel special. For example, check out these suggestions. Or go for diamond studs, sure to get you extra points for paying attention to her wish list!

Oval Ruby Diamond Pendant

Oval Ruby Diamond Pendant

Neck—There is nothing like a necklace of pearls for decorating a woman’s neck. Not only are pearls a miracle of the sea, glowing from within, but the body’s natural oils enhance their natural sheen over time, making pearls more beautiful with each wearing. Looking for something really dramatic and sexy?  Another favorite of mine is a pendant that dangles down into the cleavage. Rubies are the color of love and a ruby pendant makes for a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day romance.

Wrists— Wrists are so sensitive, they’re where a woman first dabs her favorite perfume.  Decorate your Valentine with a bracelet, and be amazed by how often she glances down at it to remind her of your devotion.

Diamond Cluster Flower Bracelet

Diamond Cluster Flower Bracelet

Ankles—Do you love your lady’s legs? An ankle bracelet is the right decoration to adorn that key area.  Flashes of brilliance as she walks or crosses her legs will advertise your feelings with every move. We have a great selection of favorites that will make the choice so easy for you.

Fingers – Want to be her MVP this Valentine’s Day? Give her a ring!  If you are looking to tell her she’s very special, choose one of our gorgeous gemstone beauties, like the ones shown here. But if you’re ready to go for the Touchdown, it’s time to give her THE ring: a diamond engagement ring. We’ve narrowed down the selection to make it easy on you and your wallet, but these are each so gorgeous, she’ll think you spent weeks on choosing one and a fortune to buy it.  Don’t worry – your secret will be safe!

Let this year’s gift to your loved one be a gift from the heart.

“Words from the lips reach only the ears. Something from the heart penetrates the heart.” —  Sufi saying

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